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Challenge Cup

The Greenfields Challenge Cup is the League knock-out cup competition which operates throughout the season kindly sponsored by Greenfields Milk. Now in its sixth season of competition the Greenfields Cup is open to all team in the following age group allocations:

  • U8 – 2 competitions (A/B teams & C/D/E teams)
  • U10 – 2 competitions (A/B teams & C/D/E/F teams
  • U12 – 2 competitions (A/B teams & C/D/E teams)
  • U14 – 2 competitions (A/B teams & C/D teams)
  • U16 – 1 competition for A/B/C teams
  • U18 – 1 competition for A/B teams
  • Girls U10/U12/Open Girls – 1 competition for each

The early rounds of the cup are normally held on a Sunday morning, due to League fixture pressure and are on one match basis with the winning team progressing to the next round. If a match finishes level after the official playing time all games go to 5 penalties each (no overtime) following which, if the scores remain level, sudden death rules apply.

Cup finals are traditionally held on Gala Day for each age-group with the winners' trophy and medals, plus runners-up medals awarded on-stage during the League's closing ceremony. Winners are engraved on the annual trophy which is retained by the winning team with a copy made for the following year.

The preliminary round matches for the 2015 season will be played on Sunday January 25th.

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