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League Rules

JSFL Coca-Cola League 2016

JSFA Rules and Regulations

  • FIFA rules with specific amendments (see website)
  • No off-sides in U8, U10, U11 Girls, U12, U14 Girls (No goal hanging!)
  • Unlimited rolling substitutes during match stoppages
  • U8 integrates some special rules (see website)
  • U14, U16 and U18 Red & Yellow cards used
  • No coaching from behind goals/ parents not allowed behind goals
  • Shin-Pads must be worn at all times
  • NEW RULE - Sports Specs must be worn instead of normal glasses
  • Important: Coaches to report serious injuries, verbal abuse to on-site VCs & League Committee
  • ALL Player information including D.O.B.s must be registered on the website (NO exceptions)
  • ALL Players must attend their respective schools and be within the correct age cut-off dates
  • ALL Players must be identifiable on the website (upload correct team photos)
  • ALL Coaches must carry Player ID list and registration copies during ALL matches
  • Team data is password protected on the website

Any question or dispute relating to the rules and regulation above should be referred to the respective Venue Coordinator (VC) for immediate clarification or decision on match-days.

Any further grievance concerning the interpretation of these rules should be referred to the JSFA committee.

Important Note:

  • All successful teams/ players will be audited by the JSFA Committee
  • Any over aged players will be banned!
  • Teams deducted 3 points on the first offence
  • Teams banned on the second offence!

League Age Groups and Cut-Offs:

  • U8 – All Players must be born ON/ AFTER 1.9.2007
  • U10 – All Players must be born ON/ AFTER 1.9.2005
  • U11 Girls – All Players must be born ON/ AFTER 1.9.2004
  • U12 – All Players must be born ON/ AFTER 1.9.2003
  • U14 – All Players must be born ON/ AFTER 1.9.2001
  • U16 – All Players must be born ON/ AFTER 1.9.1999
  • U18 – All Players must be born ON/ AFTER 1.9.1997


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