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February 16, 2017
  • Bulletin
First of all on behalf of the JSFA, we are proud to announce that Greenfields has agreed to sponsor the Cup competition for the 2017 season. We are extremely grateful for the support of Greenfields and the Greenfields team for their support and confidence in JSFA to deliver a prestigious Cup format. We are happy to be associated with a great milk brand that also produces cheeses for all the family.

The Greenfields Cup will start on the 19 th February through till the Gala day on 6 th May, when the finals will be played.

Can I stress that you all check the web-site for the up and coming games as they will have to be played on Sunday.

Please again ensure that all team coaches bring all the necessary documents as the same rules apply for player’s identity as in the League.

Please note that for Greenfields Cup games teams will have to bring their own drinks

Good luck to all and have a great Greenfields Cup

Best regards,

Kirk Evans