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League Rules

JSFA Rules for the Coca League and Greenfields Cup Competitions – 2017

Any question or dispute relating to the following rules should be referred to the respective Venue Coordinator (VC) for immediate clarification or decision on match-days. Any further grievance concerning the interpretation of these rules should be referred to the JSFA committee.

Refer to Local Rules on the web site.

  1. Both competitions will be run for the following Age Groups:

    1. Under 8 – no players allowed to play if born before 1st of September 2008.
      (Coaches should only enroll children below 8 that are physically able to compete at this age group – special attention should be given to the younger aged players)
    2. Under 10 – no players allowed to play if born before 1st of September 2006
    3. Under 11 Girls - no players allowed to play if born before 1st of September 2005
    4. Under 12 – no players allowed to play if born before 1st of September 2004
    5. Under 14 ( incl U14 Girls)– no players allowed to play if born before 1st of September 2002
    6. Under 16 – no players allowed to play if born before 1st of September 2000
    7. Under 19 (incl U19 Girls) – no players allowed to play if born before 1st of September 1997


      The League plans to operate “All Girls” Divisions at Senior (Open Age) level, U14 and u11., subject to sufficient teams participating. JSFA is willing to consider allowing some flexibility with age limits however each and every case outside the normal age requirements shown above must be referred to the Committee.

    The Rules of Association Football as sanctioned by FIFA will apply except in the following circumstances:

    1. Offside Rule will not be applied to the Under 8 , 10 & 12 Age Groups although “goal-hanging” will be discouraged by Referees and Coaches
    2. The Goalkeeper Pass Back Rule will not apply to the Under 8 ,10 & 12 Age Groups
    3. A Referee will supervise all Under 8 ,10 & 12 matches as well as U11 Girls & U14 Girls
    4. 1 Referee and 2 Assistant Referees will supervise all Under 14 , 16 and 19 matches
    5. Each team will consist of the following number of players provided each player is registered with the JSFA
      and his/her team prior to the match
      1. Under 8 - 7 a side with rolling substitutes (minimum number to start = 5) – Maximum Registered = 16. Fielded on match days = 13
      2. Under 10 (plus U11 and U14 Girls) – 8 a side with rolling substitutes (minimum number to start = 6) – Maximum Registered = 17. Fielded on match days = 14
      3. Under 12 – 9 a side with rolling substitutes (minimum number to start = 6) – Maximum Registered = 18. Fielded on match days = 15
      4. Under14, 16 and 19 (plus U19 Girls) – 11 a side with rolling substitutes (minimum number to start = 7) – Maximum Registered = 22. Fielded on match days = 18
    6. Duration of each match will be:
      1. Under 8 – 4 Quarters of 10 minutes
      2. Under 10/12 plus U11 / 14 Girls – 4 Quarters of 12 minutes
      3. Under 14/16/19 / 19 Girls – 4 Quarters of 15 minutes
      4. There will be adequate rest period in between each quarter/half
    7. Players cannot move between teams, either up or down or in different age groups. Players must ONLY play in their registered team unless a move is sanctioned by the JSFA Committee. Under no circumstances should a player play down into a younger age group or play down from an A team into a B team, B to C and so on.
    8. All players must be registered and must appear on the school team list registered on the JSFA website. The coach must hold a team list (as registered on the website) and copies of relevant documents for all players in the team. The team list and copies of documents must be available at all matches for the purpose of player verification.
    9. All teams MUST wear different numbered shirts and be registered with the JSFA prior to participating in all competitions
    10. All players MUST wear shin-pads. Referees will be instructed to bar players from entering the field of play without shin-pads
    11. Spectacles with glass lenses not allowed while playing; sports specs or plastic spectacles must be worn.
    12. Slide Tackling/Going to Ground: Under 8/U10 Matches: Referees will be instructed to caution U8 & U10 players from attempting slide tackles. In the event of a slide tackle a warning will be given to the player. A 2nd offence will result in that player being removed for the field of play for the remainder of the quarter irrespective of time played. Repeated offences will result in the Referee requesting the Coach of the team to remove the player from the rest of the match. Slide Tackling/Going To Ground – U12, 14 , 16 and 19: This will be left to the Referees’ discretion in accordance with current FIFA Rules
  1. League

    1. Each team in each league will play each team once at a venue and date shown on the JSFA website –
    2. The winning team will be awarded 3 points
    3. The losing team will not be awarded any points
    4. In the event of a drawn game, each team will be awarded 1 point each
    5. All positions in each league will be determined by the Total Points secured during the season
    6. For teams securing the same number of Total Points, the league position in all age groups ONLY the “head to head” score will determine the positions of the teams – if this game was a draw the league position will be determined by a play off to be organised by the JSFA Committee.
    7. Play off matches to determine league winners will be of the same duration as regular matches.
    8. In the event of a draw in a play off match, there will be no extra time or penalties, and the 2 teams will be declared joint winners of the league.
  1. Cup

    1. A seeded draw supervised by the JSFA Committee will be held to determine the Preliminary Round and First
      Round matches
    2. After the First Round, future rounds will be pre-determined by a free draw.
    3. Each match will be of the same duration as the league matches.
    4. If any Cup game is drawn, there will be a “penalty shoot-out” on the following basis:
      1. 5 penalties each team (players must have played in the match in order to take a penalty). The team with most goals scored will be declared the winning team
      2. If teams are equal after 5 penalties, a sudden death shoot out will take place (only players in the team for the game excluding those taking the first 5 penalties may participate). After an equal number of penalties are taken the team to score more goals will be declared the winning team
      3. If all players have taken one penalty kick, the players taking the first 5 penalties may then continue until one team scores more goals after an equal number of penalty kicks have been taken.
      4. After an equal number of penalties are taken the team to score more goals will be declared the winning team.
      5. The goalkeeper who is playing at the end of the game must be the same goalkeeper in the penalty shoot-out.
    5. Once a player has played for one team in the Cup they will be “cup-tied” so will not be allowed to play for a different team.
  1. Fixture Schedule – Postponements and Late Arrivals

    The Fixture Schedule for League games and the Preliminary Round Cup games will be posted on the JSFA website before the start of the season which must be checked by each team by January 8th. Only 2 changes per team will be allowed on request and subject to approval from the Committee. The Committee will consider each school’s commitments for other activities as best it can before scheduling games. However, the final fixture schedule is entirely at the discretion of the Committee.

    The following rules will apply:
    1. If a team is not able to play a scheduled game after the start of the season, this may be re-arranged with prior agreement with the Fixtures Committee in advance of the scheduled game, only if both teams agree and the game can be re-allocated. There is no right to change fixtures.
    2. A new date will be agreed upon between both coaches and the Fixtures Secretary under special circumstances only.
    3. The JSFA committees’ decision on whether any match should be played is final in all respects
    4. All teams should arrive at the designated location at least 20 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the game and inform the venue VC of their arrival.
    5. If any team arrives later than the scheduled start of the game, the game will be forfeited 3-0 to the opposition UNLESS a representative of the delayed team calls the Venue Co-ordinator in advance of the scheduled start and venue coordinator has approved a delay.
    6. A maximum delay of 10 minutes will be allowed. If the team fails to arrive with sufficient players (see Rule 2e), the game will be forfeited and the opposition will be awarded a 3-0 victory. If both teams are late the game score will be 0-3 against each team.
    7. If the same team is late on more than 2 occasions, the JSFA reserves the right to suspend the team from all competitions organised by the JSFA
    8. In the event of extreme weather conditions (lightning and/or heavy rain) or pitch flooding, games will be suspended and new dates arranged by the Fixtures Secretary
    9. If the pitches contain surface water the game will not commence and play will be suspended until the water clears to the satisfaction of either the VC or the match referee. If lightning is in the area, the VC will suspend all games immediately. If a game has commenced, the Referee or the VC has the authority to stop the game.
    10. If a game is suspended at half time (end of second quarter), the half time score will be the final score if the game does not resume within 15 minutes (or within a time specified by the VC). Any games suspended prior to half time will be replayed at a re-arranged date.
    11. In the event of extreme weather conditions prior to each weekend’s schedule, the JSFA may decide to postpone all games at a specific location or all locations. The Fixtures Secretary will alert coaches though IT IS THE DUTY OF THE COACHES TO CONTACT THE FIXTURES SECRETARY IF IN DOUBT AND REFER TO THE JSFA WEBSITE. Games that are postponed will be re-arranged.

Under 8 Division Only

  1. It is strongly encouraged that coaches provide equal playing time for all players regardless of ability –
    minimum of 2 quarters for each player. This will be left to the coaches to apply.
  2. The “Mercy Goals” rule will apply to all games – as soon as a team is 6 goals ahead the game is temporarily stopped with remaining time to be played only by weaker players in the winning team.
  3. Whilst winning teams will receive 3 points for a win, goals scored and conceded will not be used for determining league positions or recorded on the league website.
  4. In some situations where it is clear that even the weakest players from one team will still dominate the other sides team, the referee and/or VC has the right to request one side play with 1 less player for the remainder of the game or make other mutually agreeable modifications to assure an equal playing field (one player switch sides, etc).
  5. It is particularly important in the U8 division that the parents follow the Parent Code of Conduct. Coaches, players and parents from both teams are expected to be supportive of all players participating and emphasize a positive experience for all concerned.

    The league committee may take disciplinary steps towards any team/coach not honouring the U8 division code of conduct, which may result in a loss of points for the team.

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